Retiree Benefits

NMSU Retiree Benefit Eligibility:

    An employee will be considered eligible for certain university retirement benefits if the following criteria are met (The university reserves the right to unilaterally increase, decrease or discontinue all or any retiree benefits and/or charges associated with available benefits.):

    1. An employee has at least 10 continuous years of service, in the status of regular employee at .5 FTE or more, without a break in service during the 10 years prior to the date of retirement, and receives NM ERB benefits immediately upon termination of employment;
    2. An employee is eligible for retirement under NM ERB rules/regulations at the time of termination of employment at the university.
    3. An employee of the Cooperative Extension Service must be eligible for and receive federal retirement.


Retiree Memo 10/14/2021

Retiree Town Hall Meeting 11/11/19


ERB Resources

ERB Website

NMERB Beneficiary Form [Electronic Form]

NMERB Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions



Auto-Draft of Insurance Premiums

Discontinue Medical/Life Insurance Benefit Form

Retiree Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

Tuition Reduction- Certificate of Dependency for Child

Tuition Remission-Retiree/Spouse/Partner Form

Working After Retirement

Refer to ARP 6.15 – Re-Employment of Retirees and ARP 8.12 – Retirement, Educational (ERB)

Retirees are responsible for understanding the applicable rules for returning to work after retirement. Eligibility to return to work is determined by the NMERB, not NMSU, direct questions regarding returning to work to NMERB at or 866-691-2345.

NMERB and Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) retirees must complete the NMERB Return to Work (RTW) Application and receive approval from NMERB before they can work at NMSU. The approved application must be received by NMSU Human Resource Services prior to working.

NMSU Quick Guide Hiring Retirees

Return to Work Information for NMERB Retirees

Return to Work Application [Electronic Application]

Application to withdraw from Return to Work Program

More info at


Retiree Health Insurance

Eligibility: See ARP 8.21 Parts 7 and 8 for eligibility information.

Provider: BlueCross BlueShield of NM

PPO & Medigap Plan G: 1-866-369-6678
Medigap Plan G Part D: 1-877-838-3833

For Part D visit

NMSU/BCBS Informational Printable Presentation

NOTE: The Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services allows enrollment in only one Medicare Part D plan at a time. If at any time you enroll in another Part D product, CMS will notify NMSU. NMSU will cancel you from both the medical and prescription program provided through NMSU. Once cancelled you cannot re-enroll at a later date.

Retiree Life Insurance

Eligibility: see ARP 8.23 Part 7 for eligibility information.

Provider: Dearborn National
For questions or to file a claim contact Benefit Services at 575-646-8000 or

If you wish to update your beneficiary information, please submit the Beneficiary Change Form to Benefit Services via fax at 575-646-2806 or mail to P.O. Box 30001, MSC 3HRS, Las Cruces, NM 88003.

More Resources: Retiree Term Life Insurance Booklet & CertificateOnline Will PreparationTravel Resource Services | Beneficiary Resource Services



NMSU Tuition Benefit

Retiree and Spouse/Domestic Partner

Retirees of NMSU are eligible for tuition remission benefits for themselves and their spouse/domestic partner. Retirees may take up to a full load of classes (18 credit hours) per session for free. Retiree spouses/qualified domestic partners are eligible to take one class if the retiree does not take any classes during the same session.

The benefit does not cover additional fees such as ASNMSU fees or the purchase of course required textbooks or software. Retirees are responsible for payment of any general or additional fees incurred as part of the registration in the class(es). To see a list of the scheduled fees, please visit the University Accounts Receivable website at

To utilize this benefit retirees must complete and submit a Retiree Tuition Remission Form every session before the deadlines below. Failure to timely submit a waiver will result in full tuition billed to the student account.

FALL session – November 1st

SPRING session – April 1st

SUMMER session – August 1st

Dependent Children

Dependent children of a retiree may receive a 50% reduction in tuition for NMSU courses up to 18 credit hours per semester. Please see the Child Tuition page for full details.



Discounts & Memberships



Insurance Committee

The Insurance Committee is a sub-committee of NMSU Employee Council charged with investigating, evaluating, and making recommendations to Employee Council involving matters and policies affecting employee and retiree insurance. Inquiries for the Insurance Committee may be emailed to