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rx-236x300.jpg Prescription benefits are included with the Medical Plan; therefore, employees and their family members who are covered by a Medical Insurance Program are eligible for this benefit. Prescription coverage is effective as of the date medical coverage is effective. Coverage is offered through the State of New Mexico’s benefit program. The State of New Mexico has contracted with ERISA, a third party administrator (ph: 855-618-1800), to manage the medical/prescription and dental programs.


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Medicare Part D Coverage (Prescription Drug)

Medicare requires all employers that offer prescription plan coverage to send all participants an annual notice to inform them if the prescription plan is creditable. Creditable means that the employer sponsored plan is at least as good as the coverage offered through Medicare Part D.

Notice of Creditable Coverage from the State of New Mexico - This document may be printed and provided to the U.S. Social Security Administration at the time you request to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan. Questions regarding the notice should be directed to Erisa Administrative Services, Inc. on behalf of the State of New Mexico at 855-618-1800.

This is a summary description of benefits available to eligible New Mexico State University employees. This information does not set a contractual commitment of benefits.NMSU reserves the right to interpret, change, modify, amend, or rescind these guidelines in whole or in part at any time without the consent of employees. If you have questions concerning benefits, please contact the Benefit Services department.

Contact Benefit Services: Benefits is a division of HR Services located at Hadley Hall, Room 17 | MSC 3HRS Ph: 575.646.8000 | Email: