NM Health Insurance Exchange

New Mexicans have the opportunity to choose high quality health insurance for themselves and care-300x229.jpgtheir families through the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange. If you are hired into a benefit eligible position, you may choose either health insurance coverage through NMSU, or you may decide to purchase coverage through the NM Health Insurance Exchange program. Employees not eligible for health benefits through NMSU, including employees working less than 30 hours per week, temporary, and student employees, may choose to purchase coverage through the insurance exchange. If you acquire coverage through the exchange your premiums will be paid 100% by you, unless you qualify for a premium subsidy from the government.   If you enroll in the exchange, you will be asked to provide your employer information. It is very important you list the following information to ensure NMSU is notified timely for verification of coverage information.

Employer: New Mexico State University

Address: PO Box 30001 MSC 3HRS | Las Cruces, NM 88003

Phone: 575-646-8000

Fax: 575-646-2806


Here are some resources to help you get started:


Other Resources


checkup-296x300.jpgCentennial Care Centennial Care is the new name of the New Mexico Medicaid program. Centennial Care will begin January 1, 2014 and services will be provided by four managed care organizations (MCOs)

Medicaid Call Center 888-997-2583- This is for current Medicaid recipients with questions about their eligibility

MCO Selection Line 866-251-4591- Starting October 15, 2013 current recipients can use this line to select their Centennial Care MCO using a touch-tone telephone. The open enrollment letter inside the orange envelope directs recipients to call this number.

Medicaid Expansion Hotline 855-637-6574- This is for individuals who are not yet eligible for Medicaid and have questions about using the YES-NM portal or who want to submit a telephone application.

New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange 855-996-6449- This is for individuals who have questions about shopping for insurance or want information about how to apply for insurance affordability programs other than Medicaid.

This is a summary description of benefits available to eligible New Mexico State University employees. This information does not set a contractual commitment of benefits.NMSU reserves the right to interpret, change, modify, amend, or rescind these guidelines in whole or in part at any time without the consent of employees. If you have questions concerning benefits, please contact the Benefit Services department.

Contact Benefit Services: Benefits is a division of HR Services located at Hadley Hall, Room 17 | MSC 3HRS Ph: 575.646.8000 | Email: benefits@nmsu.edu