Annual Leave

family_funRegular 12-month employees and non regular term employees shall accrue 22 working days (176 hours) of annual leave each year based on job FTE. (To be prorated for regular half-time or more employees and for non-faculty 9 month employees.) Leave will be earned from the first day of employment and may be used as it is earned. Supervisors must approve the use of annual leave. Please see your department for leave request and reporting of its use procedures. All leave records and balances are maintained online within the Banner System. If you have any questions regarding the amount of annual leave that is available to you, please contact your department.

Up to 240 hours accumulated annual leave may be carried forward each July 1 and may be paid upon termination of employment for regular employees only. Non regular term appointment employees will forfeit all unused accrued leave on September 30th and upon termination of term appointment.

NMSU Policy Reference: 7.20.25 Leaves – Annual