Long Term Disability

Long term disability is an income replacement program. Eligible employees fullres_Sunset.01.1995receive up to 60% of the their base monthly salary up to a maximum of $5,000 per month. All benefit payments are offset by benefits from other public sources. There is a 135 day waiting period before benefit payments will be paid. Payment is not automatic. Claims are reviewed and approved/denied by the insurance carrier. The total premium is .14 cents per $100 of coverage, with a maximum monthly coverage of $8,333 ($100,000 per year). The University pays a portion of the premium cost based on salary level.
Note: Nine (9) month employee annual premiums are paid over the academic year.


Eligible employees are considered regular status employees and non-regular term appointment employees working 30 hours or more per week. Family members are not eligible for this benefit.


New eligible employees may enroll by completing and submitting the Benefit Enrollment Form within their first 31 days of employment. Benefits are effective the first pay period after 30 days of employment.

Late enrollment is available at any time, with approval from the carrier. Late enrollees must complete the Benefit Enrollment Form and the Evidence of Insurability form. The enrollment form must be sent to Benefits Services and the Evidence of Insurability form must be sent directly to Dearborn National. Coverage is effective the first pay period after approval is received from the carrier.


Dearborn National      |      Website: http://www.fdl-life.com/      |      Ph: (800) 778-2281

Provider Plan Information/Handouts:

Premium Contribution Chart by Salary

Premium contributions for medical, group life, and long-term disability are shared between NMSU and the employees based on the following salary schedule:

Premium Contribution Chart by Salary
Annual Salary NMSU Percentage
Employee Percentage
$0 – $26,249 80% 20%
$26,250 – $31,499 70% 30%
$31,500.00+ 60% 40%


Common Questions

What is my injury is work related? Can I still collect my LTD benefits?
Yes, but your total payment may be reduced by the amount you receive in workers’ compensation benefits as well as other payments from public resources.

What if I decide to retire or resign before I get released to come back to work by my doctor? Can I still collect LTD benefits?
Your LTD benefit may continue after retirement/termination of employment up to the maximum benefit period provided you remain totally disabled. Your LTD benefit may be reduced by the amount of any retirement benefits you receive. The monthly benefit will never be less than the minimum monthly benefit (greater of $100 per month or 10% of gross monthly benefit).


NMSU Policy Reference: ARP 8.24 – Group Long-Term Disability Insurance